Interdrill are contractors to major oil and gas companies, providing the initial structural foundation for an oil well and exploration of oil.

We are experienced within the Taranaki Region, with over seventy oil well conductors, top holes and work overs, completed within the past ten years.

Drilling capabilities include;

  • Top Holes and Oil Well Conductors up to 600m
  • Drilling and Work Overs up to 1500m

Special attention has been paid to the health, safety and welfare of Interdrill staff and the public, and is always a top priority. Interdrill can provide individual health and safety plans specific to the drill site, and also have a comprehensive occupational Health and Safety and Injury Prevention System, with the inclusion of the following;

  • Emergency Procedures
  • Health and Safety Training
  • Accident Recording Systems
  • Correct Drilling Equipment Handling Procedures